Scanning Your PC

free virus scan      If you think you have some kind of virus or other malware on your computer but you are unsure, the first step is to try a free online scanner to diagnose your computer. I found a really nice one here from Trend Micro. Trend Micro has a very good virus product called Titanium but they offer this free online scanner (takes you to a new site) to help determine if you are infected.

If this scan finds anything, you have the option of deleting it using this scanner. If you already had some kind of antivirus program you may want to make sure it is updated and run a few scans with it to see if it can find the problems. If your antivirus program does not find the problems you may want to look for another. I would recommend you uninstall your current anti virus program and download one of the free programs from the free antivirus downloads page. They are all very good, highly rated and from companies who specialize in the antivirus industry.

If you are not using an antivirus program you need to get one. Download one from our recommended free downloads, make sure it is updated and run a few scans and see if it finds anything.